Sold: Land off Highway 165 / Behind Richwood School

Sold:  Land off Highway 165, behind Richwood School
Date Sold:  February 9, 2012
Seller:  Kenneth Anderson, et ux and Donald Plunk, et ux
Buyer:  Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc.
Price:  $850,000 (25 acres + 2.4056 access servitude)
Source:  Conveyance Record
Note:  The above information is for reference only and
should be properly verified before relied upon for any reason. 

Sold: Chateau Restaurant Property

Sold:  Chateau Restaurant / 50’s Grill property on Louisville Avenue / Monroe, LA

Date Recorded:  January 30, 2012 (two records)
Seller 1:  Victor Charles Cascio, et al
Seller 2:  Victor David Cascio
Buyer 1:  Brandy House, LLC
Buyer 2:  Brandy House, LLC
Price 1:  $350,000
Price 2:  $900,000

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Source:  The Legal Recorder, Inc.