Sold: To CVS Pharmacy / Corner of Well Road and Cypress

Sold:  N/E corner of Well Road and Cypress Street, West Monroe
Date:  March 22, 2013
Buyer:  Louisiana CVS Pharmacy
Seller 1:  Caldwell Bank & Trust Co.  ($800,000 / 21,544.49 SF) 
Seller 2:  KM, Inc. ($975,000 / 23,873.66 SF)
Total Sale Price:  $1,775,000
Total Size:  45,418 square feet
Source:  The Legal Recorder, Inc. / Conveyance records

Sold: Land to Glenwood Medical Center

Sold:  Land to IASIS Glenwood Medical Center
Location:  McMillan Road / Circle Drive (3) non-contiguous tracts
Legal:  Lot 7, Lot 13, Lots 4&5, Square 14, Splane Place 
Date:  March 4, 2013
Seller:  Jeff Mercer, LLC
Buyer:  IASIS Glenwood Regional Medical Center LP
Price:  $1,800,000
Land Size:  around 2.55 acres per the subdivision plat / this is an estimate which is subject 
to survey and further verification.  
Indicated Price per SF:  $16.20 / SF (+/-)
Source:  The Legal Recorder / conveyance records / subdivision plats
Note:  The above information should not be relied upon without further 
verification with the parties involved.