Sold: Highland Court Apartments, West Monroe, LA

Sold:  Highland Court Apartments / 241 Blanchard Street / West Monroe, LA
Date Recorded:  May 14, 2012
Seller:  Graoch Associates #47 Limited Partnership
Buyer:  Juniper Blanchard Ltd.
Price:  $8,200,000
Source:  The Legal Recorder, Inc. / Assessor website
Note:  No guarantee is made regarding the accuracy of the
above information. 
Edit:  Mortgage and Security Agreement:  $6,600,000 to Berkeley Point Capital LLC

Transfer: Riverside Apartments, Monroe, LA

Transfer:  1600 Riverside Drive, Monroe, LA
Instrument Type:  Dation En Paiement
Transferor:  Ingold Investments, LLC
Transferee:  Fairytail, LLC (Officers:  Joseph and Nourie Hakim)
Amount:  Unknown
Explanation:  The above property has transferred ownership via Dation. 
The original mortgage note on the apartment complex has been sold two or
three times and Fairytail, LLC held the note at the time of the Dation En Paiement. 
A Dation En Paiment in Louisiana is when instead of paying a sum of money due
on a pre-existing debt, the debtor gives and the creditor agrees to receive a movable or immovable.  In this case, the debtor agreed to give the property and the creditor agreed to receive the property instead of paying the sum of money due.  

Sold: Dollar General / Jonesboro Road, West Monroe

Sold: Dollar General Retail – Build to suit project (Jonesboro Road,
West Monroe)
Date recorded: 4/27/12
Seller: West Monroe Dg, LLC
Buyer: Arc Dgwmra001, LLC
Price: $1,185,276
Note: The above information is for reference only
And should not be relied upon with proper verification.
Source: The Legal Recorder

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