Transfer: Dairy Queen, 1600 Highway 165 North, Monroe, LA

Sold:  1600 Sterlington Road, Monroe, LA (Dairy Queen Restaurant)

Date:  12/7/2018 

Price:  $1,774,000

Seller:  Frauenshuh Hospitality Group of AL LLC

Buyer:  USVP Commercial NNN LLC

Note:  This is thought to be a NNN lease transfer from the operator to an investment LLC.   Frauenshuh Hospitality Group, dba Fourteen Foods, is an owner / operator of over 200 DQ restaurants.   All information is for reference only and should not be relied upon without further verification.  

Update:  Per Loopnet –  DQ Grill & Chill has a brand new 20-year Absolute NNN lease with 8% rental escalations every 5 years with three 5-year renewal options. The tenant, Frauenshuh Hospitality Group KY/IN, LLC (a subsidiary of Fourteen Foods – largest Dairy Queen Franchisee in the U.S. with 216 locations in 13 states) has 110 DQ locations backing the performance of the lease. The unit level performance of this asset is well above the DQ national average with an attractive 7.25% rent-to-sales ratio, helping to ensure long term profitability at this location.  

Size:  3,283 SF (2015 construction)